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Berry Picking

Emily Molinari

Huckleberries are round and red and

look almost like they might kill you but

they burst in your mouth with

a sweet pop of summertime 

pool in your hands like

water from the river that you

dove into, headfirst

back before you

cared what your

body looked like

in a bathing suit

when you let yourself love the

dirt beneath your fingernails from

foraging in soft moss for orange heads of chanterelles thrown into

pans of butter and eggs and scrambled into

memories melting in mouths.

Emily Molinari (She/Her/Hers) is an emerging Canadian poet and writer. She holds a BA (Hons.) and BEd from Simon Fraser University. Emily is currently a student in The Writer's Studio Creative Writing Certificate program. You can find more of her life and writing on her Instagram @molinariwrites.

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