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About Us

Our Mission

Welcome to Reverie, an international magazine featuring brave new voices. Our mission is to promote education and amplify the voices of marginalized communities through literature and fine arts. We believe that all stories are gifts — full of joys and afflictions and profound experiences that ought to be shared. By fostering a welcoming community, Reverie hopes to inspire change and make art accessible to all — a voice for those in need of one. Above all, we want to provide a safe space for all individuals to unburden themselves, express themselves, and inspire change. 

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noun / rev·​er·​ie
A state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts; a daydream:

Read, write, create... let your stories wrap us in a reverie. 

We share writing that is buttery smooth, bewitching — made up of lines that sparkle and sentences that plant seeds. At Reverie, these seeds are watered, placed under a spotlight, and shared with the world; we hope the next bloom is yours. 

Reverie accepts submissions for all art mediums, including poetry, prose, visual art, non-fiction writing, short fiction, and more. Check submissions page for more information. 

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