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Simply Amid

Daniel Lockeridge

One parting, clouds are ubiquitous as the plain;

eclipses, as outer space, between your fingers.

Clouds, and you, are trailing fulgence and more,

releasing like the plain from branches, like necklaces.

There is no agitation amid the pearl.

I could leave the connection here, or our fingers, 

yet there is more, as if all is a plume-deer

rising from the eagle turned to primrose

and dropping, like the continent when we’re dazed. 

There is no agitation amid the death of the eyelids.

Your neck…: an eternal strip as you tilt back — breath —

your chest finding everything in the zephyr, 

and below: embers of dam, burnt strings,

planetary ring-wrists and plain power.

There is a necklace of breath amid the trailing mouth.

Daniel Lockeridge is a twenty-nine-year-old Australian who has self-published two collections of poetry as well as a collection of meditative reminders. Approximately a year ago he started his Instagram page – @danlovepoetry – which has allowed him to expand on his love for writing free verse, especially romantic poetry interlaced with nature themes. Since then, he has been published in The Winged Moon Magazine as well as Free Verse Revolution. Currently, he is focusing on completing novels as well as additional poetry and spiritual books.

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