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Winter Poem

Megan Alyse

The quiche bakes in the oven on a rainy day

The room smells ripe like shells

All those blankets dead in piles

He’s married, twirls his ring

The cat licks himself in the middle of the night

I was told a queen is someone who kills it

We were told killing it looked like loads of money

She has her eyelashes and her nails that shine

No one can afford this world

No one reads anymore

The oyster in the half-shell quivers in vinegar

Frigid is the air and reason

He’s obsessed — with me —

Reasons to drink

There’s a tall tree yawning in the back

Obsession baffles itself

How hard mothers fail

How to entertain me starts with touch

He snores and sweats and swears and grunts

It’s where the dove shies away from morning

It’s the holidays that get through you

Megan Alyse is a writer, artist, and editor. Her debut book of poems, Bone Fish Girl, is forthcoming September ‘24 with Game Over Books. You can find some of her recent work appearing in Atlanta Review, Leon Literary Review, Peanut Butter Shrimp, and Scavengers Lit. Megan holds a BA in English from Weber State University and an MFA in Creative Writing from the Warren Wilson Program for Writers. She lives, works, and writes in Savannah, GA. To connect with her, please visit or connect with her on Instagram at @megs_alyse.

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