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Post Impression

Christie Gardiner

When I wake from death

I hope to find myself walking

through a Van Gogh painting,

squelching my feet through

the orange, white almond

blossoms dripping on my shoulders

as if they were still wet.

Finding a soft spot, I’d lie down,

let the paint absorb me.

In a hundred years,

some astute museum

visitor might note the small

mound in the upper right,

under the tree.

Gooseflesh on her arm for no reason,

she’ll whisper “You can feel it”

—then move along quickly.

I ought to be careful, I’ll think,

not to move or turn while being viewed.

She does not see

the way the orange mound

raises and curves

and seems to breathe—

never knows that under the oil,

a swallowed soul stirs.

“The sadness will last forever”

—Van Gogh’s last words.

Christie Gardiner is an award-winning author, poet and writer. Her literary oeuvre includes four ecumenical books, four anthologies, journal publications, booklets, articles, and the writing of her own videocast/podcast. Upcoming publications include her poems, “Theophany,” “Greyhound to Albany” and “Faith, perhaps” as well as interviews with poets Ross Gay and Michael Lavers.

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