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Kacey Nicosia

Everything’s been coming up your 

face and the tupperware isn’t 

getting clean in the dishwasher

so i’m going back to hand

washing them like you don’t 

because your hands get pruny 

and you complain

that’s why i bought

you dish gloves

but you sweat in them

can’t stand it

so you sit down

and thumb through that

one book you’re always

talking about

for one line

that tells me how you

feel about dishes and

pruny hands and how

disappointing it is that

the bottle of dish soap

doesn’t blow bubbles

every time you squeeze it

and I tell you to look at how 

many spoons and forks and

knives we have

and how we didn’t have that 

many before and how

we should be happy it takes 

us longer to clean ourselves 

from the ware

but you say it’s

pointless because

we don’t have anyone

over and


you dirty a plate just to

see a third body.

Kacey Nicosia is an emerging writer from Huntersville, NC, attending undergrad at Clemson University for Environmental and Natural Resources and Creative Writing. Her previous work appears in the inaugural issue of Hood of Bone Review. She lives with a cat named Gin, and she sometimes calls her Ginny Buffett.

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