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The Wheat Pit

Natasha O'Hara

Ekphrastic piece inspired by Stuart Pearson Wright’s painting "Wheateaters"

I lie betwixt thick layers

of accomplishment and regret.

Pressed wheat paralyzed inside a home

-grown purgatory, a place many have been

before me, though no one else

resides here now. The once-occupied chair

is swallowed whole by Pewter,

who now describes the taste of plastic

as putrid flesh drenched in chamomile.

How do people live such a long time,

drowning in dreamed-up

charcoal? without ever trying to dig.

And if that isn’t enough

to drag you down,

a familiar beast enters your skin,

hooking its claws around ankle bones

and memory foam. When you finally

acquire crud under your nails

you’ll wonder why you dwelled

for so long inside a place

you don’t belong.

Natasha O'Hara, a dedicated full-time non-traditional student, is known for her heartfelt poetry that echoes her deep love for language and the emotional resonance poetry carries. Married to her incredible wife and mother of three wonderful children, all on the autism spectrum, Natasha's personal journey has influenced her poetic expressions.

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