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Collective Crisis

Samantha Terrell

Blackbirds swarm overhead, a

Chaotic mass of

Synchronicity in motion,

Their internal radars

Feeding off one another.

Yet—movement is not

Equal to progress.

We are blackbirds,

Forcing motion upon

Each other

In tugging,

Pushing, pulling

Masses, always making time for 

Arguing over direction—never

Making enough time

To recognize

Our self-created,

Collective crisis of


Wedded to arrogance.

No, we are not blackbirds, after all, with 

Their cooperation, teamwork and humility. 

Perhaps, with reflection,

We can learn.

Samantha Terrell is a Pushcart-nominated poet who writes from her home in Upstate New York. She is the author of multiple five-star collections, and her words can be found in Dissident Voice, In Parentheses, Misfit Magazine, Paddler Press, Poetry Quarterly, Red Weather, and others. Find her online at:

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