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La Llorona

Stephanie Ritzema

                                               Her wrist looping, she forms the colour of the ocean

                                   and the softness of blue

                                              out of craving waters and emerges weightless.

In opinion alone, she vacillates wanting at first the sea herself and then to be the sea

                                                   to be the sky and all its friends

                               hands soporific, clementine smelling

                                                 from the zany flush of the liquid shells

Moth-like she flies heliotropic                                         toward the horizon

shifting splinters (in the static veins) crying

                                                                                                         “stay fast”

Steadfast, turquoise reservoirs appear

                 in the corners of her vision

                                                                                                      and she shifts first into the pond

and then into the puddle

                                                                                                              and then into the teardrop.

Stephanie Ritzema is a London-based poet and writer studying the Creative Writing Masters at the University of Cambridge. She focuses on the distinctly feminine and typographical within her poetry. Her work features her links to Greek Heritage, womanhood and ekphrasis. Her poetry has been published in a variety of magazines such as Phi, CROB Mag, and Querencia Press. Find her @_stephritz

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