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2 Poems

Thomas Dunn

                                   There’s No Such Thing as Victimless:

                                   To live is to inflict breath onto landscape.

                                   To speak is to wield, to wield is to carry;

                                   To carry a violence, the violence of breath.

                                   Writing is committing the sin of speech into record.

                                   The trees hear you when you speak to me.

                                   The trees feel me when I scrawl your name.

                                   When You Died Nothing Ended:

                                   Cars rushed past me on Oakwood.

                                   Choirs  of  Ypsi  drunks who sang 

                                   with  you,  continued without you. 

                                   Leaves  rusted  and  fell  and were 

                                   covered   with   snow.   Fruit  trees 

                                   flowered the branches – it’s Spring 

                                   again  before  Winter – then Spring 

                                   once more.

Thomas Dunn is a multi-media artist, poet, and experimental filmmaker from Midland, Michigan. His poetry has received Fellowships from Cave Canem and the Community of Writers in 2023. Thomas is currently completing his MFA in Writing at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco.

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